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Luxury Interior Designer in Bel Air

If you could have the home of your dreams, what would it look like? 

Does it have an eclectic style, with abstract art and high end furniture or perhaps it is a contemporary yet sophisticated home perfect for entertaining and hosting guests, whatever your dream home may look like, our luxury interior designers in Bel Air  are the top in their profession and have the experience, attention to detail, and one-of-a-kind vision to make it happen. We can make your home design goals become a reality.

Kenneth Bordewick, the man behind the name, has been referred to as ‘The Billion Dollar Designer,” because of his unique vision and ability to transform any space. Mr. Bordewick, along with his team of superior interior designers in Bel Air,  work effortlessly on every single project, assuring results that enthrall the specific requirements and tastes of the most sophisticated and style-aware clients.

Our team consists of the best interior designers in Bel Air and our designs have been featured in the press for their unique design projects and high level of charm and class.  Our design projects range from private homes, public spaces, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, celebrity events and more.  We travel far and wide to spread the beauty of Beverly Hills throughout the world. As a full-service, high-end interior design company, we cater to the world's most sophisticated clients delivering beauty and luxury along with functionality. We have worked on projects from the Middle East to New York and of course, back home in Beverly Hills. 

Our luxury interior designers in Bel Air are able to see the full potential of every home, transforming spaces into works of art. They are able to take a space and fully maximize it for what it is worth. So whether you're looking for a mix of timeless beauty and grace or just want a space that is comfortable, yet elegant, the best interior designers in Bel Air are the people you can count on.

Did you ever think that your dream home was too outrageous or impossible to actually have due to its high level of detail? 

Our team of professional interior designers in Bel Air can prove to you that no project is too elaborate or too difficult to create. We work hard to complete any project in a timely manner while at the same time paying the utmost attention to the details, from the beginning of the remodel to the final finishings. Allow us to give you the sophisticated and stunning home you've always dreamt of.

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